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Claims management solutions for a global market

We are a trusted partner to global organisations and some of the world’s leading brokers, TPAs, MGAs and legal firms, supporting the digital transformation of claims management with speed and agility to create productivity and cost enhancements that drive better decisions.

Founded in 2013 and based in the heart of the City of London, we are highly experienced in claims management optimisation and empowering businesses to transform claims data into valuable insight that replaces highly inefficient practices with digitised solutions that work smarter, faster, and with greater consistency.

We provide a dynamic platform that can be tailored to create unique client solutions and maintain high levels of personal engagement to develop lasting partnerships and ensure we adapt and scale to suit changing needs.

Service excellence is aligned with customer requirements, and we complete a comprehensive evaluation of requirements during the onboarding stage and deliver ongoing support through technical specialists and customer service professionals with the knowledge and expertise to ensure optimal system performance at all times.

We create better outcomes for our clients by providing cost-effective technology that transforms how they do business, releasing in-house resources for value-added activities that allow businesses to differentiate and grow.

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