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Customised claims management

An end-to-end digital solution delivering frictionless claims settlement through the full claims lifecycle with the flexibility to be configured to individual clients' needs. Virtualfiles is an intuitive cloud-based software platform that supports the digital transformation of claims management and business processes to deliver a holistic, centralised system on an enterprise scale.

  • Security Management - ISO 20071:2022 compliant and featuring two form factor authentication or SSO sign-on authentication for secure access control
  • Automation - the digital transformation of workflows and processes to drive resource effectiveness and claims handling efficiency
  • Enhanced Insight - advanced real-time MI, BI, and KPI dashboards capable of spanning multiple schemes give instant access to key analytics and performance data
  • Technical Support – technicians available 24/7 to maintain optimal system performance across almost 250 administrative regions in 40+ countries
  • Document Management – secure collection, handling, and distribution of key policy documents and SLAs, with automated messaging from FNOL to outcome
  • Reporting – simplifying and accelerating the creation of complex reports, including the automation of v5 Lloyds bordereau, financial movements, and claims summaries
  • Compliance – transparent and accurate recording of every action to facilitate auditing of every claim to show progressions and user actions
  • Bespoke – custom screens and client portals tailored to incorporate corporate branding, user securities, or reporting
  • Integration – seamless assimilation with legacy and third-party systems via an API to maximise the consolidation and value of data and its impact on decision making

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